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Why blog on software specifications
Ask any experienced software person on what they would do differently if they were to do a software project again. The most likely answer you would get would be - “I wish the requirements were specified better before the development”, or “I wish the specifications would not change so much”. For the past thirty years of enterprise software this has probably not changed. The Standish Groups ‘Chaos report’ is a testimony to the fact that requirement and specifications are still the single most reason for project failures. While techniques and tools have improved, user expectations and software complexity also have gone up, leading to a continued problem that nags the industry. No other industry takes design and specifications as lightly as the software industry.

Blog on Software Specifications

This blog is primarily meant to provoke, suggest, curate, and ultimately help to solving that problem in our own small way. Kallos Solutions has delivered hundreds of enterprise software solutions over the past 10 years of operations. We have continuously innovated in the area of requirements specifications to successfully deliver software worldwide. is the vehicle in which we are in sharing our expertise in the form of software product on the Cloud. We as a company have a passion to help ‘solve’ the biggest challenge in software execution - requirement specifications problem. Over the years we have solved some of them with techniques that are a combination of cultural, contractual, tool based and methodology driven. This blog will share some of these experiences here, pull together good articles from experts in the field, and discuss the use of tools like to help achieve consistent success in software project delivery.

There are a ton of topics to deal with and we look forward to an interactive experience with those interested on this topic.

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