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Crossing the Software Specifications Chasm
Despite so many decades of maturity in software engineering and execution, the gap between what the business user needs and what is delivered is still a difficult chasm to be crossed. If you are reading this youprobably are looking for some answers to questions like
  • How difficult is the chasm?
  • What are the reasons why it continues to be a difficult one?
  • Tips to cross the chasm effectively?
  • Tools and methods to manage the crossing.
This white paper ‘Crossing the Specifications Chasm’ by George Vettath gives some credible answers to the question. One wishes that organizations take concrete steps, as recommended in the paper to cross the chasm successfully rather than use methods and approaches to skirt the issue by executing only small projects at a time.
This comic strip by Dibert indicates the extent of cynicism and the divide between business users and software developers.

Blog on Software Specifications

During the past decade we have seen a flurry of agile projects, and small cloud based products as the way out of this problem. It does not however solve the need to have seamless processes across organizations that are intrinsically complex and requires good engineering. This chasm definitely has to be crossed and not skirted around.
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