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Project Setup and User configuration
  • Define authors or users who have rights to create projects based on the number of users subscribed for in the Account
  • Enable each author to create many projects, and specifications for these projects
  • Enable authors to invite co-authors and reviewers
  • Enable reviewers to review and comment on specifications, but cannot change contents of authors
  • Create new versions of projects and archive older ones, for use through the life cycle of the project
  • Capture information typically mentioned in Software Requirement Specifications documents, ‘Capture free form notes based on meetings held, for subsequent conversion to structured requirements and specifications’
  • Capture project and process level requirements in free form
  • Attach relevant documents that elaborate requirements better
  • Convert project level requirement into project level specifications
  • Record requirement changes that occur through the life cycle of the project
Process Modeling
  • Define and describe business processes and their context
  • Define and describe process use cases and changes in state based on the use cases
  • Define and describe events that occur in the system based on such use cases
  • Define approval workflows applicable for processes
Wireframing or Prototyping
  • Model the application based on modules
  • Attach processes and reports to these modules
  • Define screens in processes
  • Define sections and elements that are a part of screens
  • Define navigation links, action buttons and page submits
  • Visually review screens user interface elements
Team Collaboration
  • Enable reviewers to provide review comments in all stages of specifications
  • Cloud access enables users to manage multiple projects
  • Easy access to comments and reviews made by the user organization and delivery organization
  • Email triggers automatically set to the project team
Reports and Notification Modeling
  • Define and describe Reports, filtering mechanisms and result outputs
  • Define Notifications and details of whom they are sent to
  • View the report and notification layouts
Detailed Specifications and Rules
  • Capture detailed project level specifications after finalization of the requirements
  • Define process specific rules and logic and their context
  • Define detailed report related rules and logic and their context.
Extract for Project Execution
  • Extract requirements in formatted form for outsourcing development
  • Extract requirements in formatted for execution, testing and deployment
  • Extract and visually review process use cases and system events
  • Extract the user interface specifications
  • Extract the specifications of reports and notifications
  • Extract detailed business rules and specifications
Account Control Panel
  • Leverage the Account Control panel to manage your subscription
  • Renew subscription periods
  • Add or remove users
  • Get reminders on renewals
For more information on the product, read this White Paper which details out the foundation on which SpecMyApp was built


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